I'm Becky Donnelly. I'm an Irish illustrator, currently based in London. 

Since graduating from Ballyfermot College of Further Education, where I studied Classical and Computer Animation, I have worked at Red Knuckles Animation Studio in London, and now illustrate freelance. I have produced work for clients such as The Love Magazine, Brown Thomas, and Men's Fashion Ireland, with an emphasis on (slightly twisted) fashion illustration and character design.

I have always been drawn to monsters in art and literature; as a child they allowed me to put a face to my fears, and thereby understand them. Good and evil are not mutually exclusive identities in my mind, and this objective shapes my aspirations as an illustrator. From malevolent models to goofy gremlins, I strive to provide unapologetic explorations of identity, in the hope it will allow audiences, and myself, to explore their own without judgement. That sounds obnoxiously fancy, but essentially I just like to draw freakish monsters and people that look like they need a good meal. I should probably talk to a therapist about that, but for now I’ll just keep expanding my family of misfits. 

I’m glad you’ve come to meet them.

Previous/Upcoming Exhibitions:

Cluster Illustration, The Old Truman Brewery, London, 27th Oct - 02 Oct 2018.

Contemporary Painting, Brick Lane Gallery, London, 19th Feb - 04 Mar 2019.

Cluster Illustration, 47-49 Tanner Street, London, 1st-5th May 2019.

Brown Thomas, Solo Exhibition, Brown Thomas, Dublin, 6th-21st June.


Point 101 (2018)

The Love Magazine (2017)

Twelv Magazine (2017)


Email: hello@beckydonnelly.art

Instagram: @becky_donnelly